Making a Difference at Parkland Plaza in Louisville, Kentucky

Our most recent fee-free charging installation is located at Parkland Plaza in the Parkland neighborhood of Louisville. The Parkland community took a decaying, vacant lot and transformed it into a place that includes a playground for kids, an outdoor area for community events and concerts, and a large community garden. It is a place that the community can take pride in. A place that is home to colorful murals that tell the story of Parkland’s rich history.

*Parkland Plaza’s Community Garden

The construction of the plaza involved removing old asphalt and replacing it with new grass, new trees, and native plants. There’s a community stage and a brand new parking lot created using CoolSeal, which helps with fighting against the urban heat island effect.

AAC worked with Evolve KY and Beltline Electric to install two fee-free ClipperCreek Level 2 EV chargers in the parking lot.

The Parkland Plaza website tells the story of the Parkland neighborhood and one of the original black families to move to Parkland, the Cotters. In the 1870s, Joseph S. Cotter’s family left their lives as slaves on a Bardstown, Kentucky plantation to start anew in this growing and promising township. Much of the Parkland story involves pride and power. In fact, Muhammad Ali moved to the Parkland neighborhood with his family in 1947 when he was five years old.


As we move towards a future that features cleaner electric vehicles, it’s crucial we include everyone and ensure appropriate charging infrastructure is available for all members of our society. Working with projects like Parkland Plaza and showcasing the EV chargers there is one of the many ways we’re working towards making a difference.